Had the URGE to paint something today.


And this is what came out.

I call it "Frustration" and it is as 'abstract' as I get. I like the mood of it but I really need to work on my rendering paint-wise.

I used Kyle Websters brushes for this. They are amazing. If you ever want some new digital brushes I definitely recommend them. So so fun to use. 

You can get Kyles brushes here. 


Anyway, Though this was fun, it was not Uni work. So back to that I suppose.


100 animals drinking tea, reading a good book.

I've decided to draw '100 somethings' an idea inspired from Jake Parker aswell as Simona Ceccarelli's 100 kids project. 

My 100 something's will be different animals drinking tea and reading books. Hopefully this side project will take less than a year.  

I have done two other animals reading books before, but this rabbit will be my official start!


Hello and welcome

I am new to this whole 'blogging' thing.

But I will be posting here to update on my journey into the illustrating world. 

Hopefully it all works out!